Ways I Try to Achieve Balance

Every day, I try to make progress in self-improvement and learning.  I think the key to life is balance, and I divided mine into three parts which I try to spend time on equitably.  They are:

1.) Work/career/vocation:

This is something that you are (hopefully) passionate about.  It comprises of goals and learning/developing new skills.  There is always something you can be doing to improve in this area, it’s important to never stop setting goals.

2.) Personal relationships:

This comprises of your close relationships with friends, significant other, family members, and good acquaintances.  It is important to take time to spend time with loved ones and maintain relationships.

3.) Myself/yourself:

Don’t forget yourself!  I think oftentimes, we do, but taking care of ourselves is important.  This means attending to things like health, emotional/spiritual well-being, and other hobbies,

I think it is common for people do fall weak in at least one of these areas.  Sometimes we become workaholics at the expense of our personal lives and health.  Sometimes, it is the other way around.  Luckily, this framework helps me achieve balance.  What about you?


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