Dating Advice from Someone Who Doesn’t Know How to Date: Is He Interested?

Hi all, I am a 24-year old cis female heterosexual vagabond, and for some reason, people tend to ask me for dating advice. I date semi-frequently and am still single, so I have no idea why they do. The only advice I think I am qualified to give is sex advice to guys. But I did have something to say about a popular question: How can you tell if a guy (or girl, for that matter) is interested?

The short answer to this question is, you can tell when he acts interested. And trust me, deep deep down, you already know if he is interested. Commence listicle!

1.) He talks to you.

He asks questions to you about you – your life, your career, your interests, etc.

Yes, there are shy guys out there who don’t ever speak to you, but secretly like you. They don’t matter as, in the end of the day, you can’t date someone you never interact with (although making the first move is always an option.)

If a guy never initiates interaction with you given multiple opportunities – including you initiating a few times – then, well, he probably does not care to interact with you that much.

Trust me, I learned this from experience.

2.) When he does interact with you, he seems happy about it.

He smiles, laughs, and genuinely seems to be enjoying your presence.  If he seems bored, in pain, or constipated every time you two have a conversation…not good sign.  Also, eye contact.

Exactly How To Know FOR SURE If A Guy Likes You

3.) Body language.

Behavioral psychologists are much more equipped to give advice on this, but if he is turned toward you and not away from you, that is great start.  If he doesn’t mind leaning in and being in close proximity to you – congratulations, you don’t smell.  Also, he doesn’t mind touching you.  If a guy voluntarily touches you affectionately, it is a clear sign he does not find you repulsive.  Of course, the extent to which he does this when you two are not yet dating needs to be appropriate, but the definition of that is up to you.

If you are still in the dark about this, I find this trick to work: When you two are hanging out and sitting in close enough proximity, “accidentally-on-purpose” rest your knee or ankle against his leg (DO THIS SUBTLY).  If he doesn’t automatically jerk away his leg, that is a good sign.

4.) Go with your gut.

I strongly believe that, like I said in the beginning, you will know deep down when you aren’t over-analyzing.  Do you notice if he treats you a little more special than everyone else, or is he just nice to you like he is to everyone else?  There is a difference!  Also, some guys do flirt deceptively, so watch closely.  Is he only flirting with you, or with you and your friends?  Then, he is flirting, but not because he particularly likes you (there is a reason this post is not titled “Signs He is Flirting…”

In conclusion, these signs indicate if he is interested in you, but it’s still hard to tell how much.  Is he only interested in you for a one night stand, marriage, or something in between?  No idea.  Time will tell the truth.  But until then, flirt away!

Also, check out this more competent advice article:


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