Dating Advice from Someone Who Doesn’t Know How to Date: How do I make him interested in me?

So last time, I discussed ways to tell if a guy is interested in you.  Now, we delve a little further: how can you make a guy interested in you?

If you can tell from the title of this category, I am no dating guru.  I am not going to sit here and pretend I know all the voodoo mind tricks you can use to hypnotize a dude into getting an erection when he looks at you.

Here is the thing: think about what makes you attracted to a guy.  Not only physically, but physically and personality-wise (i.e. the whole package.)  The truth is, it is hard to tell.  You actually don’t really have control over who you’re attracted to.  I was once attracted to a guy who played golf, is blond, and is a software engineer.  However, I could meet another guy with all of these characteristics and not be attracted to that guy.

Attraction is very complex.  It is also difficult to manipulate your attraction to people.  Sure, you can grow attracted to someone when you weren’t initially, but that is still largely out of your control.  Have you ever successfully forced yourself to be attracted to someone?  I know I haven’t.

So the question is, if you can’t manipulate your attraction to others, is there a way to manipulate someone else’s?

There are decent tips out there on how to make things work in your favor.  Showering, being positive, and not being an asshole are some of them.

However, in the end of the day, you don’t have that much control over what a guy thinks of you.  If you ever find yourself in a situation where you like the guy, but are not sure if he likes you back, remember that it is okay to like him even if the feeling is not mutual.

You are not obligated to win the approval of every guy you date.  You’re allowed to like guys even if they don’t like you back.  In the event that you do find yourself liking a guy, let him know!  Text him saying you had a great time, and be nice to him.  However, if he doesn’t reciprocate, don’t push it.  Just move on and continue being your charming self until the right one comes along.


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