What I learned about Tinder

Yes…I finally drank the kool-aid and joined the notorious dating app popular among milliennials.  I initially went on it just to browse, but did end up going on a few Tinder dates.  My experiences surprised me.  Here are a few things I learned:

  1.  My Tinder dates are actually much better than dates I meet in “real life”…

I was pleasantly surprised by this, because until I finally joined the app, I only heard of “Tinder dates” along with “horror stories”.  I remember being almost terrified before my very first Tinder date, expecting at best to be stood up at the bar, only to meet a tall, handsome high school history teacher with a sweet personality and have a great conversation.  Another one had me meet him at a used bookstore (I didn’t even mention anything about loving books in my profile, but this wins huge points for me) and had the nicest arms I had ever seen.  Another date was this dreamy soccer player whom I would have otherwise been too intimidated to approach.

I guess this pattern can be attributed to the fact that Tinder does have selection filters, so you can ensure that the guy you end up on a date with meets your minimum standards (like age, appearance, etc.)  Also, the chat option gives you a chance to filter out any of the weird ones before you meet them in person.

2.  …But there is never any follow up.

You would think from the above description that I have married one of those guys by now, but alas.  After the euphoria of a great date settles, it eventually does sink in that Tinder is a creepy iPhone hook-up app, and I didn’t put out after we finished our craft beers.  Or I may have bored my dates to death.  One of those two.

(…..Has anyone continued to date their Tinder date???  Please comment below!)

3.  Guys are much better in person than in text.

Pretty much all of the guys I have mentioned on here were extremely boring texters (but not weird or creepy.)  It always led me to having extremely low expectations of them until the date.

…So in conclusion, Tinder has allowed me to meet a few elusive Prince Charmings I don’t run into often.  Now the question is, how to zap them into real life dating!



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